A must have for potty training out and about!

This is so eay to use anywhere. Just load up with three absorbant bags, pop it in your boot, bag or under the pushchair and you’re ready for a wee stop in seconds.
Bags asorb very well meaning disposing of the wee is a doddle. Just take it with you to the next bin you come across with no smell. The hard liner is perfect for in the house as he had consistency in first learning to use it. We were able to pop the bottom back in a couple of times too so I’m sure could be used in the house and then on a camping trip etc. Not used the toilet seat function much yet but seems like it will do that job well too. Also is reasonably good for preventing my son from making too much mess. Only downside- hard insert lifts out too easily. A number of times, it’s stuck to his bottom as he’s stood up and what was successful turns into a mess.

– 15th July 2020

Great for travelling or just out and about while potty training

We’d ideally like to hear back from the seller about the hard reusable liner which isn’t the same as described or the picture. The one we received you can’t push through like the instructions suggest and the way it currently is it would only hold a little bit of wee and no chance if it’s a poo. It’s certainly not like any ‘potty’ I’ve ever seen before. Please can I have contact back because I think we’ve been sent the wrong part. I can send pictures if need be. Also the bag it comes with surely should have some sort of toggle to actually keep the bag closed otherwise it just opens up?? Not very satisfied at all.

– 11th September 2019

Great potty for travelling with a potty training toddler 

Bought this to take on holiday for our newly potty trained 2.5 year old. Was a great purchase and well used. The only down side is that the plastic liner does not collapse with the potty, but can still fit in the bag and be carried around easy enough.

– 6th October 2019

Versatile depending on what your child wants 

I really like the versatility of being able to use as a potty, disposable liner or toilet seat. My son really prefers the toilet but is too small for a normal loo seat so with this he can use toilets when we are out and about easily.

– 6th October 2019

Brilliant, highly recommend to all parents of toddlers

This is great, my daughter loves to use it to sit on them big toilet’ at home and in two trips out it’s already saved us from at least one wet car seat.
Very easy to use and meant a recently trained toddler didn’t have to wait in the loo queue risking wetting herself on a day out too

– 13th July 2020

Light weight potty 

All new to potty training. My daughter is learning. At home she is doing really well. We’re going away for the night and wanted a light weight portable potty.
This one comes with bag for storage. It’s folds up ok. Just ashame the pot isn’t collapsible but it’s small enough to fit in back.

– 25th June 2020


This is incredible! My daughter love it so much it has helped her face the final challenges of potty training.

– 25th June 2020

Great for potty training

My son potty trained during lockdown so going out was a big deal. He took so well to using the pottette. Easy to keep everything clean and very portable

– 25th August 2020

Brilliant portable potty 

Fab little portable potty. Small enough to fold up and fit into her changing bag for when we’re out and about. My little girl loved using it with the disposable liners and ‘making the turtles disappear’ and the hard liner is great for when using at home. Also perfect that it is possible to use it as seat on any loo.
Really pleased with it. 5 stars from us! 

– 11th November 2020

Does the job

Keep it in the boot for when wet can’t make it to a loo, worked a treat. Just back from a week long holiday and used it as an extension to the main toilet without any issues

– 11th November 2020

Great for travelling

This is a great product for travelling. Folds up easily into rucksack for when we go out for a long walk or useful in the car on a long drive.

– 16th May 2020

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