It made toilet trips that little bit easier so I could sort Hallie-May out & let Blake do his business without having to hold him from falling in to the toilet, giving him confidence. We would recommend this to any #toilettraining parent.”

@Life_with_the_Austins on Instagram

“Honestly the Potette has been a lifesaver for us as we like to travel, and I wouldn’t want to be karting around the big house potty in my luggage and having to clean it when we are out and about.

When it came to toilet training, the Potette really helped because it keeps their little bottoms snug and secure whereas using the large fitted toilet seat was quite unnerving for them because they felt like they might fall in. I really recommend it!”

Emilie, Mum of two children aged 3 and 7

“It’s really convenient and packs away small enough to carry in a regular bag. I like having the disposable bags as this means that I can use it more than once in the same trip.”

Steve, Dad of two children aged 2 and 4

“I tell everyone I know to use a Potette! You can easily take it anywhere and you can have consistency with the Potette as it is a Potty and a Toilet Trainer”

Debbie, Mum of two children aged 3 and 6


“We loved the Potette for when we were out and about – because when nature calls, you need to be able to whip trousers down and get them sat wherever you are. Also, having something that is compact like the Potette, not adding to the bulk of things you already need to take out and hygienic at the same time, was a huge thumbs up for us.”

Katia, Mum of two children aged 2 and 4

“The Potette makes days out easy. No more mad dash to the nearest loos! Compact and easy to carry, we use it all the time.”

Dean, Dad of two children aged 3 and 7

“We decided to take the handy Potette Plus from @cheeky_rascals out with us today & I’m so glad we did, I’m very pleased with it as is Blake! (His big boy seat)

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