Spring can be an excellent time to potty train. The weather can be a little warmer, which allows for children to wear lighter clothes, which can be easier for them to pull up and down. The brighter weather may also make it a little easier to line dry clothes, after they have been washed due to inevitable accidents. I recommend staying close to the home for the first few days, so it may allow for time to play in the garden.

However, spring is only a good time to start, if your child is also physically, socially and emotionally ready to begin the potty training process. Here are a few signs which may indicate that they are ready:-

-They are able to stay dry for up to 2 hours,
-They show interest in potty training (interest in their potty or others when they use the toilet)
-They wake up dry after a nap
-They tell you when they are about to use their nappy (or when they have just been)
-They hide whilst using their nappy

Some children demonstrate all these behaviours, whilst others just a few. It is important to go at the speed and develop of your individual child.

It is also important to ensure that your child has not recently experienced too many changes, which can make it more difficult for them to focus on the potty training task. Such changes may include, moving to a new room at nursery, moving house, the arrival of a new sibling or a bereavement. Leaving a little bit of time between such events and commencing potty training, can help ensure that
your child is emotionally ready for a new challenge and that their environment is secure and stable to allow for the process to commence.

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It is also important to ensure that your child is not experiencing constipation or a UTI before commencing the potty process – speak to your child’s GP if you suspect either.
Here is a short quiz which can help you determine if your child is ready. Allocate the relevant points per section and add them up at the end*:

  1. How old is your child?
    Under 22 months – 0 points
    Over 22 months – 3 points 2.
  2. Can your child stay dry for more than 2 hours?
    No – 0 points
    Yes – 2 points 3.
  3. Does your child wake up dry after a nap?
    No – 0 points
    Yes – 2 points 4.
  4. Does your child use potty training language (wee, poo etc)
    No – 0 points
    Yes – 1 point 5.
  5. Does your child show interest in others using the toilet?
    No – 0 points
    Yes – 2 points 6.
  6. Does your child tell you when they need to wee / poo (even if only occasionally)?
    No – 0 points
    Yes – 2 points
  7. Does your child tell you when they have done a wee / poo (even if only occasionally)?
    No – 0 points
    Yes – 2 points

Under 5 points: It is unlikely your child is ready to commence potty training. But do not worry – their bladder is still developing. Take this quiz again in a few weeks

6 – 11 points: Your child is showing some indication that they are ready to start potty training. With consistency and support you could begin the process together

Over 12 points: It is likely that your chid is capable and very ready to commence potty training. Good luck with the process

*Please note this is just a guide and individual children may differ

For those of you, who believe your child is ready, wishing you a smooth potty training journey.

Potty Training Consultant

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