The Potette Plus is not your average potty. This streamlined, adaptable travel potty and toilet training seat in one, was designed to go places no potty has ever been before. Don’t travel without one this Easter!

Ready for adventure

Wherever you are going on your Easter adventures, the Potette Plus is your perfect travel companion. It fits easily in to your handbag, rucksack or in the basket under your buggy thanks to its folding legs and hygienic carry bag, so you can take it with you everywhere and be ready for anything.

The disposable, biodegradable liners fit neatly inside the potty and have an ultra-absorbent pad that turns liquid into gel for mess free potty training when you’re out and about.  Simply remove the liner, dispose of it and you are ready to go!

Adapt to any situation

As your child gets older, you can use the Potette Plus as a handy toilet seat. This is particularly useful when you are on holiday as you won’t need to take a separate toilet training seat with you which means more baggage allowance for you!

Not only will your little one feel more secure using the toilet because the Potette Plus seat is just their size, it also protects them from germs if you are using a public toilet that isn’t very clean while you are travelling, because they won’t need to touch the toilet seat.

Whether you are having a staycation or a vacation this Easter, the Potette Plus provides a convenient, clean solution to potty training when you are out and about.

Where will you take yours?

We want to hear from you with your stories. Have you used your Potette Plus somewhere out of the ordinary? Extreme potty training on the ski slopes? A poo with a view at the seaside? On a boat at sea and they needed a wee?

Get in touch to share your photos and tell us all about it using the hashtag #whennaturecalls and #potetteplus

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